Triangle Business Journal Article 2013

It wasn’t until I had bought the
property and the woods were cut down that I fully understood
the awkwardness of my acre.  What I’d pictured as almost
flat terrain in fact consisted of a plunging declivity giving
way to a slightly gentler declivity.  The house went up
on a shelf between the two slopes.  It was surrounded by
red mud.That’s when Peter arrived on the scene. All I knew was that I wanted
a stream, bordered by birches; he took off from there.  When he
brought back his plans, I was amazed.  The landscape I had dreamt
of but not been able to articulate, he had somehow divined.  The
stream would skirt my screen porch, gather in a pool, and cascade down
the lower slope.  He would civilize the steeper bank by marching
two rows of beeches up it, on a diagonal.  A little parking lot
that threatened to spoil the view would be curtained off with a shrubby
berm…Then came the transformation.  Trucks of topsoil pulled up, trees
were craned in.  Peter disappeared into the mountains and returned
with a flatbed of lichened boulders so full of character, they seemed
to bring an alpine meadow with them.Now, a few years later, it looks as if it’s always been here – a garden
that nature itself created.  Redbuds pop, azaleas flower.  The
berm surges with wigelia and Scotch broom. The stream splashes among
the rocks, lined with ferns that thrive in the shade of the leafy birches,
and abelia froths around the pond at the bottom.  All this vegetation
seems the real inhabitant; I feel like its guest.Every morning I go outside, inhale the scents of my land, and marvel
at the little universe that Peter made.Timothy, Chapel Hill, North Carolina


From a pond and waterfall professional who found us on the Internet:

I wanted to express my feelings regarding your beautiful work. I started building ponds and waterfalls for friends and ex-professors around 18 years ago. That worked rather well. I then started a sole-proprietorship and began designing and building on a larger scale. I began building ponds before it was “cool”.

I want to tell you that your designs, your bold and innovative approach, use of elements such as magnificent boulders and stone placement – the balancing, assymetical and otherwise, has a quality of beauty and “otherness” that, well is just awe inspiring.

Eamonn Hughes is the only other designer, a hero of mine, who comes close to what the two of you have achieved within the essence of your designs. Hughes was and is a master. I remember seeing pictures of this little man in the middle of orchestrating a huge crew using cranes for ten ton boulder placement. He was directing as a pond-building Toscanini and it was the second movement of a Beethoven Symphony – magisterial and intense with an otherworldly focus.

Your work inspires me. Viewing it – even within the confines of two dimensional reality, is a gift. You achieve what I aspire to. A true Gardener can tell when viewing the work of another Gardener when Love is the underlying force within.

Peter and Gay, thank you.

Randall Lane Burney, Reston, Va.


Hey Peter,
I just wanted to let you know that our yard is stunning! The red bud has just started to bloom. You are more than welcome to stop by and take a look and, if you would like, take some photographs. We actually sat out well into the night yesterday evening and the yard’s beauty and quiet is exactly what we had hoped for.Thank you.Naina, Chapel Hill, NC


When I attended a Chapel Hill garden
tour, one of the beautiful water gardens had Peter Bochenek’s
business cards on the picnic table.I work in a busy and stressful hospital, all concrete and steel
and glass. The beautiful space created in my back yard helps
to relieve my stress. My garden is an emotionally tranquil place
in which the interplay of a wild look and the symmetry of a formal
garden have replaced my lawn. This has created a green space
that small animals (birds, squirrels, rabbits) are frequenting.The money spent converting my backyard to a beautiful garden
was worth every penny. My entire family enjoys the space created
by Bochenek and Associates on a daily basis.Frank, Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Dear Peter,

Since I am in the real estate business and often have to make “miracles” occur, I am not easily impressed by them. However, after having spent the weekend in my freshly landscaped home in Southampton, I do feel compelled to tell you – I am impressed. I know the immense effort, enthusiasm, and energy that were needed,
in addition to your expertise, to not only correct the problems that existed but to be able to come up with a concept that would please us, give us a sense of tranquility, and be extraordinarily beautiful – all at the same time.

All the above were accomplished. In addition to this, your on-site supervision and guidance regarding the outdoor lighting scheme as well as the landscaping work added the finishing touches that were needed and could easily have detracted from the aesthetic beauty you had provided if not executed properly.

In summary, this was money well spent on my part and a job really well done on your part.

Thank you.

Martin, Southampton, NY



Your work at my home gets better and better each year.

Hope all is well–

Nick, Southampton, New York


Dear Peter,

Thank you for your guidance and imagination.

Grace, Raleigh, North Carolina