Phase II – Construction Drawings and Project Coordination

The second phase of work brings a higher lever of detail to the design and is the best way to communicate your aesthetic visions to the installing contractors and to receive accurate bids from them. Construction drawings:

  • Show what each element should look like and provide information on how hardscape elements should be constructed.
  • Lay out various issues to be considered during the construction process.
  • Specify conditions to alert the contractor of expectations for installation.
  • Take into consideration state/town/homeowner’s association detailed requirements.

Our Project Coordination service introduces you to the group of contractors that we’ve gathered over the years that are dedicated to installing your job in a professional and timely manner. We’re also happy to work with contractors that you have experience with. To assist you with the installation process, we serve as your agents in the following ways:

  • Contact contractors and meet with them to obtain estimates.
  • Contacting state/town/homeowner’s association for further instructions and compliance with regulations.
  • Scheduling contractors, engineers, surveyors and other professionals as needed to ensure that work progresses in order.
  • Meetings with contractors to clarify design during construction.
  • Periodic site visits to fine-tune the design and observe if the intent of the design is being followed by contractors.

The fee for our Phase II service is based upon a percentage of the actual construction costs or performed hourly. An example of our construction drawings will be provided for your review at our initial meeting.