Services Phase 1

Phase I – Concept Drawing and Budget Planning

During our first phase of work we explore the potential for your property and help you to understand the costs involved with each design element. We create a Concept Plan that is a master plan for the areas of your property that you want to improve:

  • The drawing is created to scale and lays out the various design elements as they will be shaped and placed in relation to each other, your home and property lines.
  • While this drawing does not go into specifics such as names of plants, irrigation/lighting layouts, grading/drainage details, or hardscape construction drawings, the basic concept of the design will be communicated.
  • We’ll also create a line item cost analysis that will give you a ball-park estimate of how much each design element will cost to install and how to install your project in stages to fit your budget.
  • When appropriate, we check with town officials and your homeowner’s association to ensure that your design meets regulations.
  • We work together with you on this plan until you agree that it supports your aesthetic and functional values.

This first phase service is performed for a fixed price that is determined by the scope and complexity of your project and your site conditions. An example of this drawing will be available for your review at our initial meeting.