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Professional Design For Less*

If you’re looking for a high quality landscape design and are willing to work with landscape contractors yourself, we can create the professional conceptual drawing for you that is outlined in ‘Phase I Concept Drawing and Budget Planning’ so you can understand your property’s potential and communicate the design to contractors. In some cases, this option also works well for clients with budgets under $30,000.

Our fee is a fixed price depending on the scope and complexity of your project and site conditions. An example of this drawing will be available for your review at our initial meeting. Contact us at 919/968.4200 to learn more.

*Not all projects will be suitable for this abbreviated level of service due to the complexity of their design and certain site issues (in those cases, we recommend that we create construction drawings for you in addition to concept plans so that contractors understand the complexities involved and can bid accordingly). Various material choices will be discussed with this service, however upon request, we can actually choose your materials – billing for this service will be in addition. Site visits during installation are available upon request and would be billed hourly.