Because he believes that each garden should be as original as its owner, Mr. Bochenek has developed a unique talent of working with people to make their ideas blossom. He serves as a facilitator for clients’ natural creativity, allowing them to experience the fullness of their intuition and enjoy its result in the realized design.stone20m2.jpg

It’s not enough that a garden be merely beautiful…. it must also inspire a sense of awe while cultivating a profound inner quiet.

Special Award ~ Peter Bochenek Wins Prestigious Elbert Weinberg Prize

With 21 years of experience in environmental design, Peter Bochenek and Associates have completed projects from courtyard gardens to large scale master planning and site design for a diverse clientele in  a variety of locations. From the Hamptons, Long Island, to the Carolinas, to the San Francisco Bay Area, we have brought a wealth of experience and a host of fresh ideas to our client’s projects. We understand we are building your dream and invite you to experience with us the creation of your special place.


The key to my design approach is that I let people find their own creativity, so they can express their own ideas and desires for their garden. Together, we design a place in which they truly feel comfortable.

Peter Bochenek has been in business since 1977 providing site design and construction supervision in residential, commercial,
and institutional settings.

  Bachelor of Landscape Architecture – North Carolina State University
  Master of Landscape Architecture – Harvard University
  Study of new town and park planning – Edinburgh, Scotland
  Sabbatical garden study of Italy, France and England.

Award-winning designs featured in:

  House Beautiful Remodeling Ideas
  Better Homes and Gardens Remodeling Ideas
  Home Remodeling Magazine
  House in the Hamptons

It is the role of the landscape architect to consider the interface between the structure and the surrounding land while incorporating the owner’s unique version of paradise.


Peter Bochenek’s passion for the art of arranging outdoor space comes as second nature. “My father had an oriental garden,” he says, “and from the time I was four or five I loved to help him bring up stones from the riverbed behind our home and carefully place them in the backyard.” Although the foundation for his designs lies mainly in Far East philosophy, he
is also inspired by gardens he has studied in Europe, and by local conditions. At their heart, his creations have a natural appeal and fit seamlessly into their surroundings.


The design process by Peter Bochenek and Associates combines an artist’s sense of balance, scale, proportion, rhythm, color, and punctuation with the landscape architect’s technical knowledge. To extend the value of our client’s investment and ensure strict quality control over the execution of the design, we offer a comprehensive service which includes serving as your “agent” during the construction process.